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Latest version published by Dutch National Database of Flora and Fauna (NDFF) on Mar 26, 2018 Dutch National Database of Flora and Fauna (NDFF)

The Underwater Banks Monitoring (UBM) project has published a comprehensive guide about observing species during diving sessions. The names of species on the UBM form contain links to species descriptions on the Anemoon Foundation website. All first-time UBM observers complete a number of diving sessions with an experienced UBM observer.

Dataset available via https://www.ndff.nl/english / serviceteamndff@natuurloket.nl

Positive observations without zeros.

283,093 records (March 2018)



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Who created the resource:

Adriaan Gmelig Meyling
database manager
Anemoon foundation NL

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Dries Oomen

Who else was associated with the resource:

Henk de Vries
Node manager NLBIF
NLBIF (Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility) P.O.Box 9517 2300 RA Leiden NL

Geographic Coverage

The Netherlands

Bounding Coordinates South West [50.736, 3.318], North East [53.521, 7.207]

Taxonomic Coverage

No Description available

Subkingdom  Parazoa (Sponges)
Phylum  Cnidaria (Jellyfish),  Ctenophora (Comb jellies),  Annelida (Ringed worms),  Phoronida (Horseshoe worms),  Chordata (Fish)
Subphylum  Crustacea (Shrimp or Prawns)
Class  Polyplacophora (Marine molluscs),  Nudibranchia (Marine gastropod molluscs),  Bivalvia (Marine and freshwater molluscs),  Cephalopoda (Squid or Octopus),  Ascidiacea (Marine invertebrate filter feeders)
Order  Actiniaria (Sea anemones)
Infraorder  Caridea (Caridean shrimps)
Family  Caprellidae (Skeleton shrimps)

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 1974-01-01 / 2008-12-31

Additional Metadata

Alternative Identifiers https://ipt.ndff.nl/resource?r=4_002_monitoring_onderwater_oevers