NDFF ANLb monitoring for amphibians and fish

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This protocol describes the data collection method that stems from the policy monitoring for amphibians and fish by Agricultural Nature and Landscape Management (ANLb). This monitoring scheme is coordinated by the RAVON society in collaboration with Statistics Netherlands and commisioned by BIJ12. The aim of this monitoring program is to establish an accurate and comprehensive view of the qualitative and quantitative contribution by the new ANLb.

The guide describes the method, frequency and time spent by the monitoring program per species. Two to 4 measuring points are selected in every square kilometre plot for amphibians, mostly pools on sandy grounds, and ditches in fields and peatlands. Three to 4 streams (measurement trajectories) are selected within square kilometre plots for fish. Fifty percent of square kilometre plots are part of an ANLb package; the other 50% are not.

Monitoring is carried out by qualified professionals and volunteers. Several methods are used: visual observations primarily, but also catching specimens with hand nets and acoustic observation (calling activity). Each observation report specifies the method applied. The determination of species is carried out based on sounds and/or sightings. Observations in the field are reported on research forms or on mobile data portals. The observer records species, numbers, stages, methods and any additional information on each location. The data is validated by several project coordinators and subsequently processed through NDFF validation procedures.

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13,133 records (March 2018)

Dataset available via https://www.ndff.nl/english / serviceteamndff@natuurloket.nl



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The Netherlands

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Amphibian and fish

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