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Последняя версия опубликована Dutch National Database of Flora and Fauna (NDFF) Mar 26, 2018 Dutch National Database of Flora and Fauna (NDFF)

The aim of this monitoring program is to establish trends among species that are part of the quality of nature measuring tool. In the case of the fungi monitoring program, this is a selection of fungi that are characteristic of woodland, edges of woods, rural roads and roadsides with trees on sandy soil (upland sandy grounds and dunes).

The presence of many fungi species indicates acidification, eutrophication and nature management. The trends are calculated by counting the fructification of 110 selected species in a fixed area of 500 (edges and rural roads) or 1,000 square meters (woodland) 3 to 5 times each year between July and December.

A zero observation only applies to that specific time and place. Since fungi do not fructify every year, the permanent absence of a species can only be confirmed over a longer period. Not all locations are suitable for the selected fungi either. You will not come across birch tree fungi in a woodland of oak trees, or find species that prefer an alkaline habitat in an acidic habitat. The absence of an observation can therefore also mean an unsuitable location.

No new data was added to this dataset after 31 December 2016.

Dataset available via https://www.ndff.nl/english / serviceteamndff@natuurloket.nl

Positive observations without zeros.

94,597 records (March 2018)



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Nico Dam
Data manager
Dutch Mycological Society NL

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Dries Oomen

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Henk de Vries
Node manager NLBIF
NLBIF Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility P.O.Box 9517 2300 RA Leiden NL

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