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A RAVON area-specific inventory survey is used to systematically explore an area to check for reptiles and amphibians. The aim is to create a correct and complete inventory of the herpetology in an area. A research plan is written beforehand to delineate the area to be surveyed, and specify the number of visits. The research period is established based on the expected number of species in the area. Two to 4 visits are usually carried out during a season. The inventory surveys are carried out by qualified herpetologists.

Several methods are used: visual observations primarily, but also catching specimens with hand nets, oral observations (calling activity), examination of the ground under rocks, the presence of road kill and traps. Each observation report includes the method applied. The determination of species is carried out based on sounds and/or sightings. Observations in the field are reported on research forms or on mobile data portals. The observer records species, numbers, stages, methods and any additional information on each location. The project coordinator carries out data validation. The data is subsequently processed through NDFF validation procedures. The area-specific inventory survey results in day lists per location. The yearly evaluation of day lists presents a reliable picture of the presence or absence of a species in an area.

Dataset available via https://www.ndff.nl/english / serviceteamndff@natuurloket.nl

Positive observations without zeros.

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NDFF protocol https://www.ndff.nl/overdendff/validatie/protocollen/10-003-gebiedsgerichte-inventarisatie-herpetofauna-ravon/


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