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Those who quickly want to develop a monitoring plan, without a baseline measurement, can carry out a quick habitat scan. In that case, types are roughly marked on a map (drawn on a map) in accordance with current ProRail vegetation maps, with additional information about relevant types, such as waters.

The mapped types in the table below can be used to deduce the probability of the occurrence of the protected species that needs to be mapped. In combination with the area (the occurrence as is presently known) and the location of suitable parts for the species (habitat scan) and in combination with species protocols, the monitoring can be scheduled across years and within the field season. There are various means available to carry out this scan without intensive fieldwork.

Dataset available via https://www.ndff.nl/english / serviceteamndff@natuurloket.nl

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Dries Oomen

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Mariëtte van Rooij
ProRail NL

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Dries Oomen

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Henk de Vries
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Cobertura Geográfica

The Netherlands

Coordenadas límite Latitud Mínima Longitud Mínima [50.681, 3.252], Latitud Máxima Longitud Máxima [53.534, 7.416]

Cobertura Taxonómica

vascular plants, amphibians, reptiles, fish, butterflies and dragonflies.

Reino  Plantae (vascular plants)
Filo  Chordata (fish)
Class  Amphibia (amphibian),  Reptilia (reptile),  Aves (birds)
Orden  Lepidoptera (butterflies),  Odonata (dragonflies),  Chiroptera (bats)
Especie  Anisus vorticulus (lesser ramshorn snail),  Graphoderus bilineatus (water beetle),  Microtus oeconomus (tundra vole),  Microtus agrestis (field vole)

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Identificadores Alternativos https://ipt.ndff.nl/resource?r=104_004_prorail_habitatscan