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Year-round Garden Counting provides a valuable dataset of recurring counts (weekly or daily) at a fixed location. Counts can be carried out on the basis of a limited time-frame or week totals, when observers note the highest number per species. This mostly applies to the gardens of participants, mostly in built-up areas. This yields a lot of information about biodiversity in cities and villages, because there is also a lot of information about the gardens themselves.

The data that participants have collected can be analysed in relation to the garden and its specific aspects, such as the size of the garden, exposure, how much of it is paved, how much is lawn, how many herbs grow there, and if it contains a pond. Those aspects determine which species can be observed in the garden.

The observers state which species they looked for and report everything they actually saw. This means that the absence of species that are not noted can later be established. This creates a wealth of information about the probability rate and the occurrence of species (common and otherwise) in gardens.

For more information, please visit tuintelling.nl. Dataset available via https://www.ndff.nl/english / serviceteamndff@natuurloket.nl

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Dirk Zoetebier
Data manager
Sovon Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology NL

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Henk de Vries
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The Netherlands

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Urban species found in gardens

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